How to Sell Your Work / Product on WordPress

If you’re a developer and / or you want to sell your digital products on the web then this is a great article for you.

WordPress, as you all know is very flexible and there are a lot of plugins that will allow you to do that.

So.. we’re gonna look into installing the plugin and setting up your first product selling page on wordpress.

Things you’ll need

The first thing is, of course, a WordPress website installation on a Webhost, somewhere and a Business Paypal Account. I’m saying business account because you will need some keys that are provided for the digital checkouts.

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Get the plugin and install it

The next step is to get the WordPress Plugin and install it into your WordPress Website.I have used Paypal for Digital Goods in the past and that is what I’m gonna recommed.Of course you could use other plugins but for the sake of the tutorial, we’re gonna use that one.

You can get it by going to the official wordpress plugin page of Paypal for Digital Goods or installing it through the search plugin inside your wordpress.

Setting it up

After you’ve installed it in your WordPress you need to look in the Settings -> Paypal for Digital Goods like in the following picture and access it.


Right now you’ll see a screen where you will need to enter some data ( more exactly the API Details from your Paypal Business Account ).Here is how it should look like and what you should enter, keep in mind that this is required.


You can get that data by logging into your Paypal Account and click on the Profile Settings link


After that, click on Selling Tools





Ater this you will need to Request API Signature and click Submit. You will find the API Details there and you can copy paste them into the settings ( make sure you check the Live Mode box in the wordpress plugin settings page )

Generate the payment button

If you just scrolled down here, please read above how to set it up properly.If you think you’ve done it then please continue..

This plugin is based on Shortcodes, that means you can enter a little snippet in any Article or Post and generate a quick Payment Button from Paypal.

[paypal_for_digital_goods name="My PHP Script" price="50" url="" button_text="Purchase"]

Just by looking at this code I believe you can understand what the parameters mean.

Required Parameters

  • name
  • price

Optional Parameters

  • quantity
  • currency – Possible Values: ‘USD’, ‘GBP’ etc
  • url – the download link for the product after someone finishes the order
  • button_text – the text of the paypal payment button

Thats all for now, thank you for reading my tutorial and I hope this was / will be useful for you !


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