WordPress – How to fully go from HTTP to HTTPS

If you’re having a WordPress website and you’re finally moving to HTTPS then this will be a quick and good read for you.

I had some troubles myself when recently moving from HTTP to HTTPS protocol on another website of mine..

So I want to share with you what I did to make everything work nicely on my WordPress installation.

Firstly, make sure your Hosting provider did install the certificate and it is working properly. When everything is set up on their end, you can continue with some small changes on your wordpress in order to fully go from http to https.

You can either install a WordPress Plugin that will help you achieve this or you can go and edit your .htaccess file on your wordpress installation and add the following code.

This will make sure everyone who enters the website is using the https protocol and redirecting them to it if they are using basic http.

This is pretty much it, thank you for reading !


Node.js Set cookies on HTTPS Requests

If you are not sure how to set up cookies with Node.js and HTTPS / HTTP requests to a specific page then this will definitely help you understand how you can do it.

I’ve confronted with this confusion too since I did not find much on the documentation of specific Node.js libraries that provide requests.

Lets say you have a Node.js https.get and you want to send a request to a specific page but you need a cookie in order to access that page for some reason. Here is how it should look :


If you want to send multiple cookies in one request then it would look something like this


Hope this helps you ! Have a nice day