Valve Servers List

A powerful and complex system that live queries valve servers and displays real-time info about the actual server in a great list.

Demo: Live Demo
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Pass: admin

Check out all the features: php Valve Servers List

2 thoughts on “Valve Servers List

  1. Joe Guarino

    I am interested in purchasing either the Minecraft or Valve template. More than likely the Valve one since I’ll be working with a steam game. I’ll be using it for Arma, so I’m not sure If it’s already compatible, but I’m a web developer myself looking to save myself some time. I can modify the code and still give you credits. Let me know if you’re willing to shoot me the files and I’ll paypal you directly for what you have already. I can use codecanyon, but I’m sure they charge you fees. Let me know.


  2. Aamir

    Hello Mr. Fabian,
    I really like your product. I was looking for it and now that I found it, can u ask you if u can add fourdeltaone servers in it too ?
    Thanks in advance !

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