Fixing PHPMyAdmin & Database Connection working slow on windows 8

Hi there guys, today I’m going to tell you a little trick on how to fix a problem which many of you coders have with windows 8.I had that problem too and I was very annoyed by the fact that PHP My Admin was working so slow almost 2 seconds delay, which is extremely slow.

I’m not sure why it has a 1 second delay for every query but I know how to fix this.Instead of using “localhost” on your connection to mysql, use “” and you will get rid of the delay. For example :

Use this:


Instead of this:

If you want to fix the delay on PHP My Admin you need to find this file and edit it ( xampp/phpMyAdmin/ )

Add this line at the bottom of the page

And thats it, thanks for reading my tutorial and I hope it helps !


Grohs Fabian

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