Get Minecraft Server Status with NodeJs Request

With this simple snippet and quick snipped you can get the status of your or other’s minecraft server just by entering 1 command line with NodeJs.

Keep in mind that you should have some basic understanding of NodeJs and a local installation where you can test out the code below.


You should also have installed the NodeJs Request library. The code above is basically sending a GET request to to get the current status of the minecraft server.

Run it like this:


Check if MySQLi extension is enabled with PHP

Checking if the MYSQLi extension is installed and enabled is pretty straight forward. We can call the function_exists() on a mysqli function and that will give us true or false, depending on the server, if it’s installed or not.

This can be quickly adapted to other usages, like checking for the GD Library extension or anything else.

How to Sell Your Work / Product on WordPress

If you’re a developer and / or you want to sell your digital products on the web then this is a great article for you.

WordPress, as you all know is very flexible and there are a lot of plugins that will allow you to do that.

So.. we’re gonna look into installing the plugin and setting up your first product selling page on wordpress.

Things you’ll need

The first thing is, of course, a WordPress website installation on a Webhost, somewhere and a Business Paypal Account. I’m saying business account because you will need some keys that are provided for the digital checkouts.

By the way, if you need a good webhost for your WordPress Website, check out HostGator ( thats what I currently use ) and get 25% discount using my coupon code FABIAN_HOSTGATOR

Get the plugin and install it

The next step is to get the WordPress Plugin and install it into your WordPress Website.I have used Paypal for Digital Goods in the past and that is what I’m gonna recommed.Of course you could use other plugins but for the sake of the tutorial, we’re gonna use that one.

You can get it by going to the official wordpress plugin page of Paypal for Digital Goods or installing it through the search plugin inside your wordpress.

Setting it up

After you’ve installed it in your WordPress you need to look in the Settings -> Paypal for Digital Goods like in the following picture and access it.


Right now you’ll see a screen where you will need to enter some data ( more exactly the API Details from your Paypal Business Account ).Here is how it should look like and what you should enter, keep in mind that this is required.


You can get that data by logging into your Paypal Account and click on the Profile Settings link


After that, click on Selling Tools





Ater this you will need to Request API Signature and click Submit. You will find the API Details there and you can copy paste them into the settings ( make sure you check the Live Mode box in the wordpress plugin settings page )

Generate the payment button

If you just scrolled down here, please read above how to set it up properly.If you think you’ve done it then please continue..

This plugin is based on Shortcodes, that means you can enter a little snippet in any Article or Post and generate a quick Payment Button from Paypal.

[paypal_for_digital_goods name="My PHP Script" price="50" url="" button_text="Purchase"]

Just by looking at this code I believe you can understand what the parameters mean.

Required Parameters

  • name
  • price

Optional Parameters

  • quantity
  • currency – Possible Values: ‘USD’, ‘GBP’ etc
  • url – the download link for the product after someone finishes the order
  • button_text – the text of the paypal payment button

Thats all for now, thank you for reading my tutorial and I hope this was / will be useful for you !

How to enable YouTube’s new Video Player

Many of you don’t know that youtube is introducing a new possible Transparent Player for some of us so I’m going to tell you how to enable it in your browser too.
This is how the new player looks like, if you like it you can follow the following steps on how to enable it.


You will firstly need a Cookie Editor plugin / addon for your browser.In my case I’m using this one.Make sure you installed it before accessing the youtube page.Now you can click on the plugin and edit the following parameter: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE by changing it to Q06SngRDTGA

Now save it and refresh the youtube page, it should work with the new Transparent Player. Have a nice day !

Top 5 Social Network PHP Scripts

If you’re looking to get a social network script so that you can start your own social networking website then this is the perfect article for you.Check out the best 5 social networking script below.Keep in mind that these are not in order !

PHP Dolphin

PHP Dolphin is one of my favorites, it’s design is very clean and look nice which is also responsive and retina ready.It has a lot of features that users can benefit from and also a lot of admin features for managing and administration purposes.Check out all the features and the demo below

PHP Dolphin Demo

Social Kit

Another top notch social network script with a rating of 4+ stars out of 5.Social Kit gets you Live chatting, Live notifications, Groups..etc; This script is also mobile ready ( responsive ) and it is also ajaxed for a more friendly experience.

Social Kit Demo

Crea8 Social

Crea8 Social PHP Script’s author is active and he promised to keep the script up to date and bug-free, I think this is a pl

Crea8 Social Demo

Friendly Social

Friendly social network script comes with an Android application SDK that you can launch on the market so that your users can download the app and they won’t have to worry about problems that may come with the browser navigation.Other features: Photo albums, Groups ( create and manage your own groups on the website ), SEO Friendly and much more..

Friendly Social Demo


Sngine is a powerful and clean designed social network that is starting to get popular among the other social networks out there.Its features including 2 default template designs: dark and white.It has RTL ( right to left ) support for the ones who need it and its also translate-able coming with a few default translations, its a must to check it out!

Sngine Demo

How to earn money online with Neobux

Neobux is a PPC ( Pay per click ) website that gives you a small amount of money when you click and view an advertisement for 5 seconds.Each day you have a fixed number of 4 advertisements and another 10+ bonus ads that you can click to earn money.

Why NeoBux ?

Because Neobux is the largest PPC website that still pays and doesn’t scam users like many other copycats tried to do.You can take a look at a few factors that can earn your trust in this website

  • It was one of the firsts pay per click website
  • It has 6+ years of paying users since it started in 2008 in March
  • In all those 6 years they never tried to scam users
  • Many Active Advertisers: If you have an account you can see all the Expired Advertisements in the View Ads page after you’ve signed up
  • Instant payment through Paypal / Payza or Neteller
  • They already paid users a total of $23,000,000

How to start earning with Neobux

Now that I got your attention and “proved” you that this isn’t fake, you can go register right here ( ).I would highly appreciate if you would register on my referral link.So, at the moment after you’ve registered you will just need 5-10 minutes a day to click and view the advertisements.Just so we can be clear, you won’t get rich after one day.Making money out of Neobux without investing any money in a nutshell is about getting people to register on your referral link and clicking advertisements themselves.

What are referrals ?

There are 2 types of referrals: Direct and Rented.Rented referrals are purchased directly from the site and rented for a minimum period of 30 days. But since you are not here to invest money in some random website I just showed you, I will be telling you a few methods to get Direct referrals. Direct referrals are people that you got into the website and when they will click the advertisements themselves you will earn from them because you brought them to the website.

How to get referrals

Get smart At first you will need to be active on neobux for at least 15 days before you can get direct referrals.You need to start getting smart, you need to start investing some time in telling / getting people to register with your referral link.
Social Media Don’t hesitate to use Social media to your advantage, share you link via Facebook, Twitter and your chances to get a direct referral will rise.Dont forget to tell them why should they register and what they can expect from that website.
Friends, friends of friends Get your friends and tell them all about neobux and how they can get real money from that website with just a few clicks everyday.Use your power of conviction to get them to register to the site and keep them motivated to click everyday.

Thats all for today, thank you for reading my manual on How to earn money online with Neobux.What are you waiting for? Go and start earning some money.