How to Update XAMPP Version

XAMPP is a popular AMP ( Apache Mysql Php ) that is available for Windows, OS X and also Linux.

If you’re looking to update your XAMPP, meaning you you want to have a newer version of phpmyadmin, php ..etc then you’ve found the right place.

Updating the software without losing your content ( files or databases ) is pretty simple. I know I searched a lot for this just to find out that this can be done in just a few minutes.

After installing the newer XAMPP, you only need to copy and paste the htdocs and the mysql folder from the old installation to the new one.

You’re done, simple as that 🙂

Notice: If you had any other Apache configurations then you need to copy those too from the Apache folder


How to change XAMPP / Apache Port

Today we’re gonna look at how we can change the XAMPP port because I know some people ( me included ) might have had problems with the “localhost”.My problem was that I could not access my localhost but with my actual IP ( ex: ) because my router blocked the 80 port and used it for the router admin panel login page so I basically couldn’t access my projects from anywhere else when I was away from home.

I found out about a good solution on how to kind of fix this problem by making XAMPP work on the 8080 port and I’m gonna share that information with you.

  1. Open your XAMPP folder, access apache -> access conf
  2. Open the httpd.conf file with your favorite text editor
  3. Find the line where the  “Listen 80” is located
  4. Add another line with the “Listen 8080” and then save the file
  5. Restart your XAMPP and you are ready to access your work space with http://yourip:8080


Thanks for reading this tutorial, if you find it helpful please share the information.