2 Great Screenshot Capture Tools

Have you ever wanted a a tool that lets you make quick screenshots and upload them on the internet without you needing to save the screenshot you made with paint and waste your time finding a good image uploader website ? These 2 tools I’m going to show you let you capture your screen and automatically upload them online in a matter of seconds.I’ve used both of them and they are really good and they deserve a tryout.


Lightshot is probably the best screenshot tool I’ve ever used and because of that I’m still using it.One of the things that I like is that after you Select the area you want to upload you can actually draw, write text, make rectangles with a simple interface that is pretty well designed.If the developers of this continue developing the system they will probably be considered the best.


Gyazo is considered to be more complex and it probably is but because the Free version doesn’t provide many features I chose not to use it anymore and go for the Lightshot.I can say that if Gyazo wouldn’t be so greedy and give out more features like Lightshot has, they will be above them with many advantages since Gyazo has better Marketing.


I’ve just presented you 2 Screenshot Capture Tools that I’ve used in the past and gave you my thought on them.Lightshot is better for those who are not willing to pay monthly for extra features and Gyazo is for those who have the budget to invest in these things.Thank you for reading my review !