How to start your own Servers List Website

If you’re looking to start your own Servers List Website and you want a detailed perspective on how to do this, then you should check out this guide.

Is it still worth it ?..

If you’re asking yourself if it’s still worth it, then you should probably change your thinking about this. Check the following spots:

  • It’s a niche that will never run out of business.
  • New games will appear constantly so you will always have new content possibilities.
  • People who own servers and want to promote it will pay you good money to put their server up front.

These are just a few reasons that should keep you on this idea, keep on reading, you’re doing great!

How should I start ?

Everybody wants to do it easy and fast, but guess what: It takes time and effort to build a great website and community that users will want to come back to for information. It is not a 10 minutes job that you do and just wait for the passive income to add up into your account.

So, actually, where should you start ?

You should start with the idea. You need to get yourself involved in what Game you want to target. Lets say you are a Minecraft player or Server owner and you have some kind of knowledge in that field ( this is a bonus for you ) and you want to start your own Servers List website, then probably the best fit for you would be to start a Minecraft Servers List related kind of website because you have some knowledge of the game.

We got the idea, now what ?

Now you need to start planning your strategy for what type of servers you will put in your servers list, how will you get visitors and why the users should come back to you. Minecraft is the most popular game and a lot of people have Minecraft related servers list so it will be tough for you to start one without thinking how to do it and how to promote it.

Choosing a niche inside the Minecraft niche would be a good choice. Lets say you want your Servers List to host only a specific type of Servers, like Bukkit or something else.

Things that you will need

Lets talk about things that you will need in order to get your website up and running.

  • A niche domain for your servers list ( You can get one from or wherever you want )
  • A web hosting or VPS that will run the servers list good and without problems. ( To note that many of the shared webhostings that you find for cheap, don’t support querying game servers, so you won’t have the possibility to get live statistics from that server )
  • The software or the platform that does this, the actual script, the heart of the Servers List. You can check out My portfolio and there you have plenty of options for different games and types of servers lists.

Installing and getting ready

If you want to choose one of my products to start your own servers list, contact me via email at with the title: “I want to start a servers list” and tell me about it and you will get a discounted price for my servers list products.

After you got the software and everything else ready, you need to make sure you have read the installation guide that my software has and then you can start installing it. Installation of my script, if done properly, shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes.


Why should you want to customize your website? The answer is: because you want to be different and stand out. You can stand out by customizing the banners, the servers arrangement, how the servers list works ( if you have programming knowledge ) and there are many more.

I’m available for freelance and customization works for my software and if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me at


If you want me to go more in depth, leave a comment about it and I will try to do a continued version of this :).


How to earn money online with Neobux

Neobux is a PPC ( Pay per click ) website that gives you a small amount of money when you click and view an advertisement for 5 seconds.Each day you have a fixed number of 4 advertisements and another 10+ bonus ads that you can click to earn money.

Why NeoBux ?

Because Neobux is the largest PPC website that still pays and doesn’t scam users like many other copycats tried to do.You can take a look at a few factors that can earn your trust in this website

  • It was one of the firsts pay per click website
  • It has 6+ years of paying users since it started in 2008 in March
  • In all those 6 years they never tried to scam users
  • Many Active Advertisers: If you have an account you can see all the Expired Advertisements in the View Ads page after you’ve signed up
  • Instant payment through Paypal / Payza or Neteller
  • They already paid users a total of $23,000,000

How to start earning with Neobux

Now that I got your attention and “proved” you that this isn’t fake, you can go register right here ( ).I would highly appreciate if you would register on my referral link.So, at the moment after you’ve registered you will just need 5-10 minutes a day to click and view the advertisements.Just so we can be clear, you won’t get rich after one day.Making money out of Neobux without investing any money in a nutshell is about getting people to register on your referral link and clicking advertisements themselves.

What are referrals ?

There are 2 types of referrals: Direct and Rented.Rented referrals are purchased directly from the site and rented for a minimum period of 30 days. But since you are not here to invest money in some random website I just showed you, I will be telling you a few methods to get Direct referrals. Direct referrals are people that you got into the website and when they will click the advertisements themselves you will earn from them because you brought them to the website.

How to get referrals

Get smart At first you will need to be active on neobux for at least 15 days before you can get direct referrals.You need to start getting smart, you need to start investing some time in telling / getting people to register with your referral link.
Social Media Don’t hesitate to use Social media to your advantage, share you link via Facebook, Twitter and your chances to get a direct referral will rise.Dont forget to tell them why should they register and what they can expect from that website.
Friends, friends of friends Get your friends and tell them all about neobux and how they can get real money from that website with just a few clicks everyday.Use your power of conviction to get them to register to the site and keep them motivated to click everyday.

Thats all for today, thank you for reading my manual on How to earn money online with Neobux.What are you waiting for? Go and start earning some money.