My name is Grohs Fabian, I am 21 years old and I’m a developer from Bocsa, Romania Timisoara, Romania. I’m passionate, I dedicate myself to things that I love doing and I don’t waste time on bullshit.


History of my work as a developer

So just a little bit of overall work history right here :). I started off in 7-8th grade with creating themes for phpBB forums ( learning html and css, javascript was hell for me back then ) slowly graduating to having a network of websites that would run Adsense that would get me a good chunk of money, was really happy back then when I got my first paycheck from Google although everyone thought I was a hacker or working for Google for some reason. After I got banned for not respecting the guidelines I started learning more about PHP and slowly released my own product on Codecanyon. It was bullshit but I was happy with it back then, I made 70$ in 3-4 months from that bullshit product. This is how it all started, now you can check out my Codecanyon portfolio that has a lot of new and great products with over 1900 sales.  When I finished highschool, I moved to Timisoara, Romania from Bocsa, Romania and I started my first Fulltime job as a PHP Developer. Later on I started working on Data Scraping with NodeJs, also learning Javascript with it. Constantly working on improving myself and all of my skills. 🙂

You can check out my LinkedIn Profile in the header of the blog.


Do you take freelance projects ?

Yes, I do take freelance projects either from scratch or just modifications to existing projects. Had over 500 freelance customers, mainly people who found me from Codecanyon that saw my work out there. ( also my Codecanyon portfolio is in the header too )


Strong Skills

  • PHP ( Didn’t work with frameworks but have no problem learning / understanding them )
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • NodeJs DataScraping ( some great scraping libraries: Horseman, Phantom )
  • Javascript, jQuery and other libraries
  • MySQL
  • Websites management ( WordPress mainly )
  • Creating SEO products



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